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Generic Name : Vardenafil Strength (s) : 20
Brand Name : Vilitra Delivery Time : 10 day(s)
Manufacturer : centurion pharmacy Valid For : 24 months
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450 + 50 Free 500 20 $ 0.98 $ 490.00 Buy Now
320 + 30 Free 350 20 $ 1.04 $ 364.00 Buy Now
180 + 20 Free 200 20 $ 1.09 $ 218.00 Buy Now
110 + 10 Free 120 20 $ 1.18 $ 141.00 Buy Now
70 70 20 $ 1.52 $ 106.00 Buy Now


  • Generic Levitra  is an extraordinary drug which is not knownby all men, though it is capable of curing all types of impotency problemsespecially erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. We all know thatsuch drugs are usually composed of Viagra, but Levitra contains anotheringredient called Verdenafil.

    Verdenafil is an effective component which helps in curingmany problems related to impotency. The main role of these tablets is to makethe muscles relax which permits the easy flow of blood to specific areas of thebody, including the genital area. This drug is majorly used to solve manyproblems including erectile dysfunction, benign prostatichyperplasia and someother impotency problems.

    However, the tablets can be dangerous if they are takenrandomly, so you need to consult your doctor to avoid any serious risk.

    You can look for Generic Levitra from in prominent online aswell as offline stores and retailers.

    By using this drug, all those men suffering from impotencyrelated problems can change their lives due to its amazing benefits.


    When you take a tablet of Generic Levitra, the blood vesselsin the genital as well as the penis will dilate which will permit an easypassage of a sufficient amount of blood to the genital area and the sexualorgan. As a result, this process will help in increasing the erection to aremarkable extent. Hence, the man will get rid of his problem by getting aprolonged erection and enjoying a great intercourse with his partner.

    When you intend to have sex, you have to take

    the tablet before an hour . The drug will begin showing itsimpacts in just 20 minutes of intake and its fabulous results will last for 4-5complete hours. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor and make somecheckups before taking these tablets as it may cause some serious side-effectsespecially if you suffer from a chronic health problem.

    If you have any kind of allergy or suffer from any seriousdisease including blood pressure problems, stroke, heart disease, kidneydisease, liver desease, chest pain or any other related problems, youust stayaway from this drug. This tablet also contains nitroglycerin and isosorbidedinitrate, so you must avoid taking this medicine if you are taking m othermedicines containing nitrate because this combination could cause a suddendecrease in blood pressure and end your life.

    Therefore, if you have any serious disease, or a simplehealth problem, and whether you are taking nitrate or a chronic medicine, it isrecommended to consult your doctor and discuss with him all your health issuesbefore you begin consuming Generic Levitra.


    You should take only one tablet a day, and it is better if you follow the recommendations of the prescription chart which comes along with the medicine.

    Don’t change the dosage of the tablets even with small quantities before consulting your doctor.

    Generic Levitra can be taken with food or on an empty stomach, but it is better to not eat a heavy meal before or after the tablet to avoid reducing its impact.

    Don’t take your tablet with alcohol or grapes juice to avoid any dangerous combination.

    Additionally, if you have a chronic disease or taking a chronic medicine, then stay away from these tablets in order to avoid any major side-effect.

    Men who suffer from impotency related problems should take these tablets before an hour of having a sexual activity, but it must not be taken daily as it is not a daily medicine.


    The following precautions are few tips to tell you how touse Levitra and when to stop it; however, it is better to also consult yourdoctor.

    Additionally, when you buy this drug from any store, youwill get with the medicine a small leaflet which contains all the details aboutthe dosage, precautions and side-effects.

    The most important precautions which you need to know and beaware of before consuming the tablet are:

    Levitra is designed for men over 18 years andsuffering from impotency related problems, so it must be kept away from womenand children under 18 years.

    The tablet should be stored in a very closedcontainer to avoid excessive moisture or heat, and it must be kept at roomtemperature.

    This medicine must be avoided by men who take anynitrate drug as such combination is very dangerous.

    Consume the tablet with a glass of water, andnever drink alcohol along with it.

    Avoid eating heavy meals before or after thetablet to not reduce its impact.

    Take one tablet only before an hour of having anintercourse, and don’t use it daily.

    Consult your doctor if you feel any majorside-effect.


Generic Levitra is mainly considered as a safe drug fortreating premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, but it comes up withsome serious side effects for men who suffer from some major ailments.

As other drugs, Levitra has some simple side-effectsincluding a blurred vision, seizure, shortness of breath, headache,backache,stomach pain, muscles pain, chest pain or dizziness. However, suchside effects would occur for the first couple of times of using the tablet,then they won’t show up again once you get regular to it.

However, if the above side-effects continue to occur againafter using the tablets for many times, then you have to consult your doctorwho will probably advise you to stop consuming them. 


    Generic Levitra can be used to cure all types of problemsrelated to impotency including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.If you suffer from improper erection, you can solve this problem and avoid theembarrassment when you make an intercourse with your partner.

    Unlike other Viagra pills used by men, Levitra has amazingbenefits with minor side-effects. After taking the pill, you can enjoy itsimpact for 4-5 hours and have a major erection without difficulties.

    This cure is cheap and very effective to solve all types ofimpotency related problems in men.