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Generic Name : Tadalafil Strength (s) : 20
Brand Name : Tadalista Delivery Time : 10 day(s)
Manufacturer : fortune healthcare Valid For : 24 months
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250 250 20 $ 1.05 $ 264.00 Buy Now
200 200 20 $ 1.12 $ 225.00 Buy Now
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  • The Tadalista 20mg, which is also known as Tadalafil in some stores and markes, is a very powerful and effective tablet used to treat all the problems related to erectile dysfunction in men. This 20mg tablet contains almost all the effective ingredients which are mainly found in Cialis.

    Unlike other expensive pills and complicated solutions, this tablet offers a cheap and efficient cure to help all the men suffering from erectile dysfunction issue.

    Its main role is to make the muscles, which are located in the walls of the blood vessels, relax which enhances the flow of  blood to the genital area in the body.

    The aim of using these tablets is to treat the impotency problems in men so they can enjoy the intercourse for a longer period of time and satisfy their partner.

    However, these tablets must be taken with a glass of water to dissolve completely and give amazing results.

    You can take the tablet with food or on an empty stomach just before 30-60 minutes of making sexual activity.

    You must not increase or decrease the dosage of Tadalista 20mg without consulting your doctor, and you can’t take more than one tablet a day.

    Once the man consume the tablet, he can see its amazing impacts in few minutes, he will also be able to enjoy a full erection for a longer time and without any hassles.

    The root cause of most of the sexual problems in men is the erectile dysfunction problems, so  Tadalista 20 drug is designed for treating these particular problems especially for men after 50s who see this medicine as a miraculous drug.

    The tablet offers the highest amount of sexual satisfaction to men and their partners while having intercourse.

    Tadalista 20mg belongs to the family of PDE5 inhibitors who works on inhibiting the action of the enzyme to provide the genital area especially the penis with enough blood which helps in trouble shooting the penile failures.


    First of all, you must make some regular check ups and consult your doctor before using this medicine.

    You must also follow the dosage chart on the medicine or ask for your doctor’s prescription.

    Avoid shattering the tablet into pieces, you must swallow it with a glass of water.

    Don’t take more than one tablet of this medicine a day.

    Consume the tablet with a glass full of water whether you had your meal or not.

    Avoid taking heavy meals or alcohol just before, with, or just after consuming the tablet.

    Take this tablet before 60 minutes of any sexual activity.

    Be ready to talk with your doctor once you face any problem.

    Don’t club this tablet with other medicines especially if you have a medicine for pulmonary arterial hypertension, as such combination could be fatal.


    Before strating to use Tadalista 20mg, it is better to make certain check ups, consult your doctor and provide him with all the information about your medical history to avoid any major health issue or severe complication which might appear after using this medicine, including:

     Do the regular check ups before using this medicine, and repeat these check ups every year.

    Don’t take this drug if you are already taking any other medicine containing nitrates because the combination between both can be very dangerous and cause serious health problems.

     If you suffer from any serious disease like heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease or any other health problem, then avoid taking this medicine before consulting your doctor.

     Don’t take the drug daily. Consume one tablet only if you are plannimg to have any sexual activity.

    Keep Tadalista tablets at room temperature, since excessive heat and moisture can damage them.

    This medicine is designed to cure all erection problems in men, so keep it away from children and women.


The Tadalista 20mg, as any other medicine, comes up with some minor side effects including sudden and serious decrease in blood pressure, seizures or dizziness, sudden vision loss,dryness in the eyes, but these occur for just few minutes after consuming the tablet then disappear, and they stop showing up after few usages.

However, there are some serious side effect of Tadalista including a painful, prolonged erection and this would last for 4 hours.

It is better to consult your doctor if you feel any unusual symptom.

There are other simple health problems which occur some times while taking this tablet including memory problems, pain in stomach, seizure, shortness of breath, headache, muscle pain or back pain.

Therefore, you must do the necessary check ups before taking this medicine.

If you are suffering from any serious health problem like acute stroke, heart problems, liver problems, chest pain, kidney problems or respiratory problem, you must avoid taking this tablet 


    This medicine helps men to solve all the sexual related problems and achieve the highest level of sexual satisfaction when making sex with their partner.

    Tadalista 20mg consists of an effective ingredient called Tadalafil which is the main key for combatting all the sexual related problems among men. Tadalista is capable of trouble shooting the penile failures.

    By causing the relaxation of muscles and increasing the blood circulation to the major areas of the body, especially the genital area, Tadalista 20mg helps the body of the man to achieve the best erection for a longer period of time which offers a complete satisfaction during the sexual relation.