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Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate Strength (s) : 100
Brand Name : Nizagara Delivery Time : 10 day(s)
Manufacturer : Uni-Sule Pvt. Ltd. Valid For : 24 months
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800 + 200 Free 1000 100 $ 0.90 $ 900.00 Buy Now
400 + 100 Free 500 100 $ 0.95 $ 475.00 Buy Now
300 + 50 Free 350 100 $ 0.99 $ 347.00 Buy Now
250 + 30 Free 280 100 $ 1.07 $ 300.00 Buy Now
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  • Nizagara is popular for its amazing results in solving the sexual problems of men, especially erectile dysfunction. This effective medicine is made up of Sildenafil citrate which proved to be the best solution for most of the prominent sexual problems in men.

    Among all the available tablets in the market, Nizagara 100 mg is considered the best choice and the cheapest way to treat most of the impotency problems in men. To be honest, impotency problems are men’s worst nightmares, as well as a very embarrassing issue; therefore, using these tablets is a great solution since they act as a boon to get rid of all problems without spending so much money.

    it's provides amazing erection which offer happiness and satisfaction as well as a prolonged intercourse session without any troubles and embarrassments; hence, this is capable of improving the sexual relationship between couples to a great extent.

    Nizagara 100 is the ideal solution for every man suffering from ED or any other impotency problem. It usually works on enhancing the blood circulation in the genital area to provide more blood around and inside the male sexual organ. This will allow the penis to work better and be more effective than before by accelerating the required erection. Hence, the man will have a prolonged intercourse with a happy ending and without any disappointment.

    The tablet works for a long time since it is capable of giving an erection for 4-6 hours easily. This medicine actually functions by releasing a major component CGMP chemical (which is also used in many other medicines to cure problems related to erection) into your body, and this chemical component will be combined with the blood which leads to expansion of blood vessels. This process is capable of opening the path for more quantity of blood to stream to the penis without any difficulties.

    The tablet is considered as a PDE-5 inhibitor whose main role is to rise a nitric oxide formation, then clear any blockage and help in relaxing all the muscles in the genital area permitting the blood to enter easily into the sexual organ of men. As a result, sufficient amount of blood in penis gives more strength and better erection to the man, so he can have a successful prolonged intercourse with his partner.

    Therefore, to fight all the erectile dysfunction problems, Nizagara can be used as your secret, ideal weapon, it is a great and effective way to make you perfect in bed


    In order to enjoy all the amazing benefits of Nizagara you must follow the prescribed limits; otherwise, you will face serious side-effects. Therefore, the professional experts at labs provide a prescription chart and a dosage limit for guiding all its users to know how much and when they can consume the tablet.

    Even more, it is recommended to consult your own doctor and ask for a prescription. You also have to do certain medical checkups before using it.On the other hand, this tablet is designed for men with erectile problems, so women and children should stay away. Additionally, be sure that you will make sex before taking the tablet, and e member to take one tablet only m.

    Consume the tablet with a glass of water, and avoid taking it with alcohol because such combination could be dangerous to your health.

    In addition, stay away from heavy meals before and after consuming the tablet to avoid reducing its impact.


    To get all the benefits of Nizagara and avoid any major problem or side effects, you have to follow these precautions:

    Consult your doctor before taking it especially if you are taking any nitrate tablet because such combination could be fatal.

    If you have a serious health ailment including heart, kidney or liver diseases, consult your doctor before taking any tablet in order to avoid any dangerous risk.

    These tablets are a great treatment for men who got erectile dysfunction problems, so keep them away from children and women.

    Keep these tablets in a closed container and put them at a normal temperature because excessive heat or cold will damage them.

    Take the tablets according to your doctor’s prescription to enjoy its maximum benefits.

    Take a glass of water with the tablet, and never replace water by alcohol to avoid any serious health issues.

    Take only one tablet of Nizagara 100 in the day if you are planning to have sex.

    Don’t decrease or increase the dosage without consulting your doctor.


Like every other medicine, it comes up with great benefits and minor side-effects that can be easily treated. However, if you suffer from any major health related problems like heart, liver or kidney disease, then you must stay away from to avoid any dangerous side-effects, or you can consult your doctor and get a special prescription.

Furthermore, to avoid any unexpected problem, you can take the Nizagara tablet for the first time under the doctor’s supervision. Many problems including nausea, dizziness, low blood pressure, headache and prolonged erection may occur when taking it for the first time,but these slightly painful side-effects can be easily treated, and they will diminish by time.


    According to hundreds of reviews, Nizagara is the most extraordinary tablet used by men to cure their erectile dysfunction problems. Therefore, if you suffer from any kind of impotency problems then it can be your secret to gain all the strength you need. These tablets maintain the flow of blood in the genital area and the penis by stopping the action of the enzyme on the arteries. As a result, the man will enjoy a great erection for 4-6 hours without any difficulties. It is the best way to get the best erection with an effortless and cheap way and without spending all your money.