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Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate Strength (s) : 100
Brand Name : Malegra Delivery Time : 10 day(s)
Manufacturer : Sunrise Remedies Valid For : 24 months
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  • Malegra 100 mg (Malegra) - Malegra is a drug for men, increases potency and fights erectile dysfunction. Buy Malegra online from the pharmacy store. We are selling Malegra at best price.


    If you experience problems in your personal life, do not have the opportunity to satisfy your sexual partner or are unable to control the duration of intimacy, do not be upset.


    Fortunately, today there are a large number of drugs that can eliminate such failures. Malegra is the right decision in this situation.


    Among the advantages of using Malegra:

     - 100% effective at any time of the day;

     - complete safety of action on the male body;

     - a significant increase in the sensitivity of the pelvic organs;

     - acceptable for patients with different levels of income price.


    One of the drugs, called Malegra, is an exact copy of the famous Viagra, its generic quality and is called "Malegra 100 mg.

    Ingredients of Malegra


    The basis of the drug Malegra is the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate - an inhibitor from which the famous Viagra is made. It allows not only to establish blood circulation in the male penis, but also to stimulate the muscle mass to the appearance of a healthy erogenous condition. The second active substance of Malegra is Duloxetine, a well-known selective element.


    The indication for Malegra is that:

    -       erectile dysfunction and impotence;

    dissatisfaction with the size of his own penis and early ejaculation 


    Malegra is taken orally an hour before the onset of sexual intimacy. Malegra shows the maximum effect after 60-120 minutes. Tablets should be drunk with bottled water or juice.

    In what cases can an overdose occur?


    Overdose can occur because of an incorrectly selected dose of medication. The amount of active substance that is optimal for one person may be too large for another. And based only on someone else's experience in any case impossible. Therefore, to select the dosage of the drug should be careful. It is best to start with small doses. The most optimal option - the selection of dosage together with a doctor.


    Limit the reception of Malegra when:

    -       cardiovascular diseases

    -       leukemia and ulcers

    -       rhinitis

    -       glaucoma

    -       Atony

    -       renal failure

    -       diseases of the prostate

    -       epilepsy

    The presence of side effects when using the drug depends on the individual characteristics of the male body. If a patient experiences an allergic reaction to a selective inhibitor, it is likely that small rash, irritation, redness, and facial swelling occur. Some patients have raised concerns about mild dizziness and headaches. In most cases, side effects are expressed by a change in color perception and nasal congestion.



The experience with the use of Sildenafil suggests that when properly applied, it is well tolerated by users. Side effects are a rare phenomenon. If there is a headache, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, reddening of the upper body and face, changes in blood pressure, swelling of the nasal mucosa, changes in color perception, blurred vision, they quickly pass. Their manifestation can be provoked by an increase in the dose of the drug.


    The popularity of the new product has generated a high demand. Demand, in turn, generated a proposal. To buy malegra 100 mg became possible in many countries of the world. Therefore, the best option is to buy it in an online pharmacy. This is more profitable and economical, both in terms of time and in terms of confidentiality.


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