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Why product sold at Kamagra Web are so cheap?

There are several reasons. We do not buy money for marketing, the manufacturer is in a free-market economy (offshore) and production costs are significantly lower.

Are you selling original or generic products?

On Kamagra Web, you will find only original in original packs with a leaflet.

What drugs do you sell? Can I find an exact description and leaflet?

At Kamagra Web shop we sell exclusively original products from renowned manufacturers, Ajanta Pharma. All medicines are originally packed in original boxes with barcode and hologram. You will receive the Package Leaflet as part of the package at delivery.

Think of it a generic medicine?

The generic drug composition is completely identical to the original drug composition.

Why is the name printed on the tablet different from the name of the medicine?

The name printed on the tablet indicates the drug of the formulation. Generic drugs have the same composition and properties as the patent-protected original formulations. They are just the name. Manufacturers of generic drugs may not use the names of orogenic preparations, which would lead to a violation of the Author's prescription.

Why is the shape of the pill different from the original?

Shapes differ for the same reason as above.

Do you know how to use a soft keyboard and regular tablets?

The difference lies in the speed of the action (the soft acts faster than usual). In any case, you should not consume alcohol or fatty foods.

Does it contain a pack?

The pack contains mostly 4 tablets - the number of tablets is listed in the name or on the product page. The tablets are packed in blisters. Preparations are sent to the leaflet.

Will you also offer other preparations in the future?

Yes, we will continue to expand our e-shop offer

What are the privacy policies?

The security of your personal data and the protection of your privacy is our top priority. Please see the Privacy section on the Terms of Service section.

Our online ordering system uses the latest encryption technologies that provide the highest level of protection for your data and information. All our computer systems have been tested, it has been ensured maximum protection.

What are the cancellation terms?

You can cancel the order before sending it. If your order is sent, you can no longer cancel it. Please see the Cancellation section on the Terms of Service page.

Do you have any age restrictions?

Yes, we do not sell goods to people under 18 years of age

How do you ship goods?

We ship the goods exclusively via the courier at the pickup.