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Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate Strength (s) : 100 And 150
Brand Name : Cenforce Delivery Time : 10 day(s)
Manufacturer : centurion pharmacy Valid For : 24 months
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300 + 50 Free 350 100 $ 0.70 $ 245.00 Buy Now
230 + 20 Free 250 100 $ 0.80 $ 200.00 Buy Now
190 + 10 Free 200 100 $ 0.99 $ 198.00 Buy Now
120 120 100 $ 1.09 $ 131.00 Buy Now
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300 + 50 Free 350 150 $ 1.10 $ 385.00 Buy Now
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130 + 20 Free 150 200 $ 1.40 $ 210.00 Buy Now
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  • Many medicines are developed to cure erectile dysfunction problems, but if you are looking for the best romantic night with your partner,then nothing can help you as . Cenforce is an effective medicine which proved  its successful results in curing erectile dysfunction problem in men more than any other tablet.

    Among the ingredients of this drug, there is an effective substance called Sildenafil Citrate which is considered an active PDEtype-5 inhibitor. Sildenafil Citrate is usually used by men to cure all the impotency related problems and allows them to enjoy a prolonged erection without making much effort. Thus, this drug is an affordable way to vanish your impotency related problems and save yourself from embarrassment.

    This drug permits a sufficient amount of blood to reach the genital area ( in and around the penis) which provides a prolonged erection and an amazing successful intercourse.


    The dosage of Cenforce is one tablet a day, but it mainly depends on some important conditions like the age, weight, medical history of user and many others.

    This tablet must be taken under strict medical supervision if the man is suffering from chronic diseases such as liver disease,kidney disease, heart disease, etc.
    Therefore, the better dose of It is one 150mg tablet a day, and it must be consumed an hour before having a sexual relationship. Notice that this tablet is not a daily treatment, so don’t use it regularly.

    Consume the tablet with a glass of water.

    It doesn’t matter if you ate some food or not.

    Never take it with any grapes juice, alcoholic drinks or heavy meals before or after consuming it to avoid reducing its impacts


    To avoid any severe side- effect, the user of Cenforce 150mg must take the following precautions in consideration when consuming this drug.

    *    Make some necessary check ups before you begin consuming this drug and repeat those examinations every year.

    *    Consult your doctor and ask for his prescription.

     Keep it in a room temperature to protect the tablets from excessive moisture and heat.

    *     Don’t use these tablets when it gets expired.

    *  These tablets are made for men suffering from erectile dysfunction problems, so women must not use them.

    *    Only males who are more than 18 years can use.

    *  Take one tablet only before having intercourse,preferably an hour before.

    *    Don’t change the dosage without consulting you doctor to avoid certain health complications.

    *   Stop the medicine immediately and talk with your doctor if you face any serious health issue when you consume the tablet.

    *   If you are already taking any nitrate drug, you must stay away from Cenforce, as such combination could be fatal.

    *   If you are suffering from a serious health problem including chronic liver, kidney or heart disease then you must avoid consuming this tablet without consulting your doctor.

    Don’t eat heavy meals or drink alcohol just before or after consuming the tablet


In addition to its amazing benefits, Of comes up with some minor side effects that appear when using it for the first couple of times only.

These side-effects are simple, and they don’t create major health issues. Furthermore, they disappear after few usages in normal cases.

However, they may continue and develop to serious problems if the man is suffering from major diseases.

These side effects include weakness, skin rashes, dizziness,sleepiness, diarrhea, blurriness, gastritis, impatience and unusual pain in the stomach, back and head.

On the other hand, if you feel any serious side-effect like prolonged painful erection, you must consult your doctor.



    Cenforce 100 can be a great as well a cheap treatment to cure erectile dysfunction problems, so you reach your goal and get rid of impotency related problems in men without paying hundreds of dollars.This medicine is magnificent to avoid feeling embarrassment due to premature ejaculation and their sexual life.

    The main role of these tablets is to make the muscles of the sexual organ relax which allows sufficient amount of blood flow to reach the genital area and the penis. Eventually, the tablet will enhance the erection.